Dr. Nadeau draws upon a broad back ground of knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines and life experience.  She has a Master’s Degree in Nursing, and a Ph.D. in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota.  Her graduate work included preparation as a psychologist, as a marriage and family therapist and as a college educator.  She has expertise in health care, mental health care and family social science. Her preparation to teach at the college level serves her well in her role as a consultant.  Dr. Nadeau provides consultation to individuals, couples, and groups both professional and personal.

Health Consultation

Dr. Nadeau has been a Registered Nurse since 1974 and received a Master’s Degree in Nursing from the University of Minnesota in 1981. She has worked as a medical-surgical nurse, a surgical intensive care nurse and a nurse educator.  She is a clinical specialist in the loss and grief field where she has been involved for nearly 30 years.  Dr. Nadeau provides consultation in basic health care, chronic illness, terminal illness and the impact of illness on the family. She also provides consultation to individuals and families navigating the health care system as would occur with an episode of illness, surgery, finding adequate care, etc.

Consultation can occur in her private practice office or on site.



Organizational and Institutional Consultation
A Ph. D. in Family Social Science prepares one to understand the general functioning of systems. Dr. Nadeau works with organizational systems and institutional systems.  For example she consults with leaders of companies and religious organizations that are undergoing major change and/or loss. She consults with healthcare managers who are dealing with conflict among their peers or among the staff or they are dealing with challenging patients and/or patients’ families. Consultation can be at her private office or on site.
Relational Consultation
Dr. Nadeau can help with relational issues that require understanding and skill rather than therapy.  She can help couples who are adopting, moving or under financial stress. She consults with families who are learning to cope with a new baby, an ill member, or a military parent who has been deployed or is returning home. Dr. Nadeau can be helpful to families who are coping with disabilities, the decline of an elderly family member or one who has dementia. Consultation can be directed toward the relational issues of end of life planning, advanced directives and inheritance issues.