Grief Therapy

Individual, couple and family therapy for losses associated with dying, death, chronic illness, dementia, aging, ending relationships, financial losses and transitions.

Few things impact a family more than the death of a loved one. Families find themselves in turmoil. The stress is high. It is common for old family conflicts to "rear their ugly heads." At a time when we most need other family members, they are often  unable to "be there" for us. If someone in your family is dying or has died you might benefit from doing some  grief therapy with Dr. Nadeau. You may come alone or with other family members. Under certain circumstances, Dr. Nadeau can meet you outside of her office.

While death related losses may be the most impactful other losses can affect us in critical way. Take divorce for example. Divorce or the terminations of a long term relationshiip are accompanied by particular kinds of losses. Some experience a sense of failure, feelings of guilt, or a sense of abandonment. There may be fear about what the future may hold. If children are involved, there may be issues having to do with custody, money, and loyalty.. Individual, couple or family therapy can be useful in finding ways to grieve what has been lost and to build new lives.


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Growing Through Loss
In 1985, Dr. Nadeau founded "Growing Through Loss", a community-based, grief support program which addresses multiple types of loss. The program is sponsored by a coalition of 16 churches and community agencies. It provides education and small group support on a regular basis. It is the model for six additional programs in the Twin City area. For information about the Minneapolis/St. Paul program or how to start one in your area, contact us by e-mail.


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