Keynotes & Workshops


Dr. Nadeau can design an educational program or presentation to meet your needs. Professional recommendation by Dr Dale Larson.

The following are some suggested topics:

Grief And Loss Issues
  • Families Making Sense Of Death
  • Grief As A Family Affair
  • Loss Over A Life Span
  • Loss Of Dreams And Expectations
  • Grieving The Loss Of The Perfect Child
  • Grief And Divorce
  • Pet Loss
  • Complicated Mourning
  • Traumatic Loss: When Death Comes Suddenly And Violently


Family Issues
  • How Families Work
  • How The Families We Came From Affect Our Behaviors Today
  • Healthy Families: What Are They And How To Grow Them
  • Families Making Sense Of Death
  • Families Coping With Chronic Illness
  • Families Coping With Addictions
  • Coping with Alzheimer's and Other Forms of Dementia


Marital/Couple Issues
  • Intimacy: How Distance Makes For Closeness
  • Midlife Intimacy: Getting Reacquainted When The Kids Are Gone
  • Special Problems Of Dual Career Couples: Honey, Who Shrunk The Schedule?
  • When Male And Female Menopause Collide
  • Couple Issues And Retirement
  • Clergy Couples: Surviving And Thriving
  • Setting Boundaries In Close Relationships


Women's Issues
  • A balancing act: Women's lives today
  • Women juggling roles: When to hang on when to let go
  • Abuse: Acknowledging the pain and finding ways to heal
  • First place the oxygen mask over your face. . . Self care for women
  • Women's Spirituality


Religion/Clergy Issues
  • The healing power of faith communities
  • Living in a fish bowl: Helping clergy families cope
  • Clergy couples: The good, the bad and the ugly
Presentations 2020 Grief and Loss


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